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Free Online Video Cutter

Trim video of any format, right here in your browser. Νο watermarks

How to cut videos for free

1. Upload any video

Choose a video file from your device.

2. Choose Start and End times

Use the sliders to select the length you want. Finally tune the cut timing with your arrow keys.

3. Download and Share!

Hit ‘Done’ to get your final, trimmed video! This online video cutter is completely free to use. No strings attached.

Online Video Cutter Benefits

A Fast & Free Video Cutter

Cut and trim by adjusting two simple markers. One for the desired beginning, one for the desired end.

Cut & Trim Any Video Format

AVI, MP4, VOB, MPG, MOV and many more - this online video trimmer can handle whatever file you give it.

A Fully Online Video Cutter

No program download, no software installation. Just fast and efficient online video trimming, right here in your browser.

No Watermarks

Watermarks in videos are annoying. So, this tool cuts with no added watermarks.

Simple, Easy-to-Use Controls

No video editing skill needed. Just upload, adjust, then receive. All free, all online.

Safe & Secure

This free video cutter is fully secure. Your files are only accessible to you, and you alone.

About the accusonus Online Video Cutter

Cutting and trimming videos is the simplest form of editing. Yet, it can still be annoying. Downloading software, fine-tuning lengths, exporting files... There’s an easier way.

This free video cutter by accusonus acts as your personal, fully-online trimming tool. No downloads, no hidden costs, and - most importantly - no wasted time!

The online video trimmer works with whatever video file you give it. MP4, AVI, MOV - and many more.

Cutting videos is an easy way to improve the quality of your social media content. Create highlights, tune your videos, and boost your production value. All online, all in your browser.

We recommend this free online video cutter for video posts on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, and all other content platforms.

So, go get creating!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I trim a video online for free?

It’s becoming increasingly easier to edit footage right here in your browser. One of the most simple ways to do this is with an online video trimmer, like the one on this page! Just hit ‘choose file’, add the video you want to cut, and choose your start/end times.

The result is a super-efficient way to trim video, with no need for extra software or tools. So stop Googling ‘how can I cut a video online for free,’ and scroll up to start!

How do I cut a part of a video online?

If you’re wanting to just cut out a specific part of a video, it’s easy to do online. Find a free online web trimmer or video cutter, like the one on this page, and simply set the start/end times to the appropriate points.

Once processed, you’ll receive the clip within those parameters you set; everything else will be removed, or ‘cut out’.

How do I cut the middle of a video online?

It depends exactly what you want, but most of the time you can use a free video cutter like the one on this page. Decide where the ‘middle’ you need to cut is, by first determining where your chosen section begins. Add that as the Start Time. Then, determine where your ‘middle’ ends - set that point as the End Time.

Once you hit ‘done’, the web trimmer will cut out this video middle, ready for you to download and share!

How do I trim an MP4 file online?

MP4 files usually store video and audio, but they can also hold other types of data. If you’re looking to trim an MP4 file, it’s likely it’s the type composed of a video. Therefore, a free video cutter like the one on this page (just scroll up!) is perfect.

After clicking the ‘Choose File’ button above, simply select your MP4 file, and select the Start/End times to determine the length of trim you want. Hit ‘Done’, and you’ll receive a perfectly trimmed MP4 file, ready for whatever you need it for!